Project name: Virtus

Location: Turkey

Interior Designer: VYD Studio

Naval Architect and/ or Exterior Designer: Ginton Naval Architects

Shipyard/ Completion Centre: Mengi Yay

Date completed: September 2019


Mengi Yay believe that nature and its perfected balance of form and function is always the best inspiration for a design which will not only catch the eye but that will also be timeless. It is Mengi Yays’ aim to constantly improve on what it is offered to yacht owners both on a macro scale, like the global vision of the exterior design of this size, up to the finest detail which can be fully enjoyed from a closer look while living on board.

They also treat the design as an organic experience in which the interior and the exterior shapes will blend in a unique perception so to sense the space as cohesive and pleasant. The yacht, through sophisticated and well thought lines, retains fantastic interior spaces which maximises both comfort and natural lighting, whilst still looking slender and well balanced on the exterior.

The pure and elegant interior incorporates many elements of visionary modern design. The spacious layout, light-coloured furniture and full glass living areas offer a warm and luxury charm. The clean simplicity of the design results in an inviting, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The well-designed general arrangement provides an invaluable experience for both guests onboard and the crew. The hidden innovation behind the visible perspective, offers the ability to perform tasks by the crew without disbursing much effort.

The boat is under 500 GT with no toys and tenders visible from outside. The glass panels offer a seamless sense of openness onto the world outside. The additional 4 fin stabilisers ensure a cruise that is incredibly smooth in any sea conditions. The boat is also RINA comfort class with low vibration and low level of silence.