Project name: SanLorenzo 76

Date Completed: November 2018

Naval Architect: Centro Stile Design Srl

Interior Designer: Centro Stile Design Srl

Centro Stile Design took great care for the interior of the latest unit of the SX76, the perfect synthesis between the classic motor yacht with flying bridge and the type Explorer by SanLorenzo. It is presented as an exterior design characterised by clean, modern and minimal lines corresponding to interiors out of the box, which represented one of the most exciting challenges for Davide Cipriani’s company.

A challenge that Centro Stile Design enthusiastically adopted, they decided to look for a new design language, to show what luxury means in a new way. Starting from the request to think outside of the box, Cipriani’s team decided to insert elements strongly inspired by the Pop Art and Street Art. The result is an amazing mix of graphic design, icon objects and bright colours that can liven up every corner of the yacht.

Unique in its kind, the Sanlorenzo SX 76 is ready to launch a stylish trend based on the personality of the owner, avoiding the influence of any external current: a peculiarity given by the combination of cult elements of Cassina, and the signature of Tv boy,  a famous artist of contemporary murals with high communicative and a provocative impact.

Walls, spaces and floors of each room become white canvases on which to shape lines and colours both in contrast and perfectly in line with a stylish expression in its own right. Rich in character, far from any trend of the moment, and in antithesis with the most common conception of the current nautical style.

The creative innovation is reflected in the selection, clearly visible in the Main Deck, of the most representative and famous furniture elements of the Cassina brand, enhanced by materials and colour effects such as Philippe Stark’s yellow and white leather Priv√® sofa and Philippe Stark’s Patricia Urchiola’s gender armchair, in blue and yellow fabric paired with brown leather.

The obsessive search and attention to detail, enhanced by the connotation of each environment and important graphic structures, culminates in the texture of the floor and the sky, specially designed and made for the client.

The combination of great furniture brands, artworks, finishes and craftsmanship makes the Sanlorenzo 76 a true style manifesto, giving a harmony of contrasts in which luxury is as much a customisation as a homage to the Italian artistic expression in all its forms.