Project Name: Thermidor

Date Completed: July 2019

Exterior Designer: Didier Wolff

At the crossroads of business and military aviation, this tricolour livery was designed to represent the famous name of Olivier Dassault, his company and the French Nation abroad. This emblematic design bridges together the fame, the man’s successes in both civil and military aviation along with the French Republican values.

Painted in extreme and unusual summer weather conditions, the design was named after the 11th month of the French Republican calendar (1792 – 1806), “Thermidor”, meaning: ‘from the heat both solar and terrestrial that ignites the air from July to August”. As a backdrop, the Falcon’s fuselage is painted with four subtle shades of grey, stretching and adjusting to the top of the drift, the darkest of them, such as a boomerang, rushes to the engines, veers elegantly around the last window and returns softly to the front landing gears.

The rings around the engine air intakes show the famous pilot Georges Guynemer‘s motto: “Faire Face”, dear to M. Dassault. Playing with contrasts, the company’s logo on the vertical stabilizer, the registration number, and even the name of the owner at the right side of the door, exist without imposing themselves.

Due to the extreme preciseness, which would be required to proceed with the painting, only a few paint shops around the world have the technical ability to translate that design onto a fuselage. Such a project calls for a highly skilled paint team.