Project Name: Easy Rider

Design Completed: 2019

The inspiration behind this design concept was the pleasure for a young biker to park in his garage after a long off-road ride, proudly looking at his machine covered with the journey’s mud! Happy Design Studio happily dug into fond memories of their youth to truly mix up and rework the usual standards of the luxurious codes of business aviation to create a truly unique design.

The mud splashes covering the fuselage configures the high-speed rolling into gigantic puddle. These natural projections used in a decorative way, grant the jet with a very eccentric and relevant offset identity. Because what makes a concept successful is how it eclipses the ordinary, only a customer with exceptional audacity can choose such a design for his jet.

Due to the extreme preciseness, which would be required to proceed with the painting, only a few paint shops around the world have the technical ability to translate that design onto a fuselage. Such a project would call for a highly skilled paint team. Happy Design Studio believe that other colour combinations would work perfectly for this design.

Born from a limitless creative freedom, this design aims to renew the codes of aeronautical graphic standards with a bit of childish audacity. Happy Design Studio believe this livery is a business aviation code-breaking design. The mud projections produce an invigorating, very daring and totally innovative livery compared to what you would usually see in the aeronautical industry.

There is something delightful about embellishing an airplane while carefully “dirtying” it.