Project Name: Project RIMOR-X

Design Completed: March 2020

Interior Designer: Sturge Design

Naval Architect/Exterior Designer: Toth & Sturge

Project Rimor-X is a fully custom industry driven project, due to a high demand of younger clients purchasing yachts, several brokers contacted Sturge Design to request a distinctive and understated explorer yacht, with all the necessary amenities for the enthusiastic clients whilst out at sea.

Created by Sturge Design, the brief from the brokers was for this yacht to be an understated explorer vessel on the exterior front. However, the interiors were to be light, timeless, with huge amounts of floor to ceiling windows allowing the owners to make the most of the breath-taking views and landscapes the yacht will explore, from the Antarctic to the Fiji islands, this yacht needs to cater for these extremes.

The open living areas were intended to maximize the feeling of space and allow huge amounts of daylight to permeate the interiors. Custom in built pieces of furniture are illuminated throughout the yacht, cleverly positioned to absorb the most views possible, an escape from a fast-paced working life and there is instead an emphasis on enjoying the world around you whilst cruising past inspiring locations.

The key feature on the yacht is the semi submerged lounge called the Mermaid Loungeā„¢ this lounge has a double height architectural atrium leading above to the gym/ wellness area of the yacht, with the base of the pool dividing the gym and wellness space. The selection of materials are natural, neutral colours and textured materials allow a pleasant and calming feeling throughout the yacht, as well as thought out window locations to allow water reflections to flow into the spaces.