Project Name: Pearl 62

Date Completed: January 2019

Interior Designer: Kelly Hoppen

Exterior Designer: Bill Dixon Yacht Design

Shipyard: Pearl Yachts

The New Pearl 62 has sporty lines that link her unmistakably to the other models in the Pearl fleet such as the Pearl 80 and the Pearl 95. Remarkably for a yacht that is just 61’ LOA, the Pearl 62 incorporating Volvo IPS propulsions means that the Pearl 62 has a fuel efficient, smooth, low vibration ride and easy handling with top speeds of up to 32 knots and a cruising range of over 250 nautical miles.

In a complez and competitive market such as the flybridge one, Pearl Yachts position has always been to create high quality yachts and superyachts with an excellent price/quality ratio. As an English brand, Pearl Yachts naturally decided to cooperate with two of the most experienced and renowned personalities of the British design scene, Bill Dixon, who is responsible for the exterior design and naval architecture, and Kelly Hoppen MBE who created the interior style. The Pearl 62 is a family yacht, easy to use, fun to own, with space and amenities for all.

Bill Dixon Yacht Design contemplated how they could bring some of the design features of the larger Pearl models to a smaller hull and improve on them in the process. The first step was to design an efficient, seaworthy hull that would give the Pearl 62 the performance characteristics that would make the best of her Volvo IPS Propulsion system and incorporate a garage so that owners would be able to store essential equipment to enjoy their time on the water.

In drawing the Pearl 62, Kelly Hoppen MBE set out to maximise what they could offer. The designer believes that they have succeeded in creating a yacht that feels very open, completely connected to the environment and also offers an attractive on-board lifestyle. Kelly Hoppen have created a class leader in performance, looks and quality of on-board experience that works beautifully as a whole.