Project Name: Paradigma

Date Completed: 2019

Interior Designer: Chase Davis

A connection between the private jet experience and the workspace. In the aviation industry, interiors have historically drawn inspiration from other fields, like automobile or furniture design. The Paradigma office chair disrupts all of that. It takes Embraer’s Brazilian verve, the style and materials of a private jet interior, and fuses these aeronautical elements with the classic lines of the mid-century modern era. The Paradigma office chair brings 50 years of aviation excellence to a new industry, creating a beautiful compliment to the flight experience by linking it with the workspace.

The key aspect of this concept offers the user the ability to interface with the chair using haptic operational touch points that allow for the desired seating position to the user. The combination of materials, technology, and design elements like the Ipanema stitch pattern provide a new and unique stylistic as well as functional experience.

The design works well because it celebrates Embraer’s Brazilian heritage and pays homage to iconic designs of the past by using natural materials as stylistic structural elements. The handmade wooden elements required experienced and special expertise in carpentry to achieve a high level of craftsmanship.

Embraer feel the design integrates very well into its intended office environment with its use of natural wood and luxurious leather touch points. The technological features such as the haptic touch controls and magnetic rotational base combines the best of analogue materials and sophisticated technology to offer the user the high luxury they have come to expect from our modern-day industry.