Product Name: Nora

Completed: 2019

Designer: Yelda Ibrahim

The goal for this product was to create design-led, luxury wall mounted shoe storage cabinets which were British made in both design and workmanship. Shudoc has aimed to take a different approach to shoe storage, to create pieces of ‘wall art’ which complements the luxury interiors of any home but provide a practical place to store all different kinds of shoes.

As the cabinets are wall mounted, they can be placed on any wall around the home, be it the entrance, hallways, bedrooms or walk-in closets. An added benefit of the cabinet is that shoes will not collect dust like they generally do in open walk-in closets, shelves or racks. The adjustable shelves are extremely useful for storage of all kinds of shoes, from women’s heels to large men’s shoes or boots. The design alone is an appealing factor to those who can appreciate beautiful furniture and interiors – that also have a practical element to them.

The key aspect of this product was the design process itself, to be able to create pieces of artwork which can be adjusted to suit various needs. Shudoc believe that the design will easily integrate into all kinds of environments as it can be used anywhere in the house and will fit in perfectly with luxury interiors.