Project Name: Maori 125

Interior Designer: Pulina Exclusive Interiors

Naval Architect / Exterior Designer: Navalhead / Marco Ciampa Design

Shipyard: Maori Yachts

The idea behind the Maori 125 project is constructed upon the expressiveness of forms and lines to create a unique sensation of exclusivity and sophistication on board. A yacht able to offer all kinds of luxury and comfort without compromise.

Pulina Exclusive Interiors designed the spaces by combining a wide range of materials which in turn delivers contrasts and uniformities and gives a dynamic range to the spaces.  This is the key to read these interiors, where elements are precisely combined to escalate all of the details, from the design of the walls to the furniture. The interiors perfectly reflect a contemporary taste of living, where comfort is accompanied by a meticulous selection of materials, always luxurious and elegant.

The colour palette recalls natural nuances: sand, ivory and ecru to shift the focus on the elements of design. The inspiration being elicited from the ocean and it’s beaches, perfectly integrates the interiors of the yacht to the outside world and, of course, to its surroundings when sailing. From the main salon to the owner’s suite, the interiors represent in every detail, the perfect blend of refined and elegant luxury in materials and the disruptive modernity of lines and shapes in the spaces.

The layout is designed to enhance both the spaces and their use, and the design of the walls, a game of sinuous alternations between the rigidity of the staves and the voluptuousness of the panelling curves. Contemporary and timeless, the interiors of Maori125 embody styles and designs stemming from a wide range of influences.