Project Name: Luminous Bough

Date Completed: 2018

Designer: Tord Boontje

Brand: Swarovski


Luminous Bough is a chandelier of the Luminous Reflections Collection for Swarovski Crystal Palace. Boontje was marking 15 years of collaborating with Swarovski by yet again redefining the chandelier with his latest collection, Luminous Reflections. Describing his creations as ‘jewels of light,’ the four chandeliers are inspired by the shimmering reflections of sunlight on water, each created using the fluid, organic shapes of Arc, Swirl and Circle, the large, unfaceted crystal components created by Boontje. By positioning the new crystals very precisely, in the same way that precious stones would be placed in a piece of jewellery, he has created something completely new to the world of lighting design. Tord Boontjeʼs Luminous Reflections is a stunning collection of chandeliers and crystal lighting components inspired by the magical qualities of light dancing across a rippling lake or shining through a misty snowscape. As with all Boontje’s works, their organic qualities connect us to the beauty of nature.

Their highly innovative, fluid surfaces create a rippled effect that radiates a soft light and replicates the shimmering reflections of sunlight on water. The capabilities of these components are spectacularly showcased in the chandelier, which demonstrate some of the ways they can be used to create mesmerizing light spectacles Luminous Reflections is the culmination of his efforts, a perfect showcase that demonstrates the play of light on water. And despite the absence of faceted surfaces, Luminous Reflections’ crystals shine with astonishing brilliance, thanks to Swarovski’s highly complex production techniques.

Boontje spent many hours in the Swarovski Archive studying the company’s heritage and understanding the way light interacts with crystal. The outcome was three extra-large innovative components measuring 8cm–12cm, specially developed for the lighting industry, with fluid, unfaceted surfaces. Called Arc, Swirl and Circle, they capture nature’s wild beauty together with the refinement of the finest crystal jewellery in the world—a somewhat new direction for a company whose expertise lies in precision cutting. He started with strong, clear circle and oval shapes, and then he varied the thickness of the material, adding ridges to focus the light and twists to curve the reflections. Next, he worked with Swarovski to develop the prototypes into a range of organic shapes and finishes, using the curved crystals with polished or frosted surfaces and integrated LED technology to produce rippled reflections of soft, glowing light. Developed specifically for the interior lighting industry, the smooth, unfaceted crystal components are the first of their kind to be launched by Swarovski.