Project Name: Lineage 1000E – Essaouira

Date Completed: September 2019

Interior Designer: Lie Alonso

Exterior Designer: Lie Alonso

Lie Alonso set themselves to the challenge of creating a holistic private jet design that embraces the visual and sensory experience with a sense of reverence for space and form, transcending the bland traditional aesthetic that has become typical of aircraft interiors. The aircraft is named after Essaouira, a charming coastal town in Morocco where the designers drew inspiration from.

The layout of the Embraer Lineage 1000E has been modified so that the cabin experience is built around a story, where each section of the cabin is a different chapter. Drawing inspiration from Essaouira, a charming coastal town in Morocco.

Behind the curtains and through the intricate hexagonal stone flooring, the galley has been transformed into an open chef dining experience. Passengers can sit on the high bar for cocktail drinks surrounded by natural greenery. Seasonal plants and flowers are hung onto a wooden arch, and being removable characterizes them as loose equipment, without requiring FAA/EASA certifications. Within the wooden arch, warm lighting (in a soft gradient from burnt yellows to sunset pinks) is reflected through the plants, creating a cascading natural light effect and casting shadows of leaves around the cabin.

The high level of customization is already expressed on the galley doors, where plating inlays were designed by Lie Alonso in one of their signature design styles – from the avant garde of art nouveau. The use of smoky quartz on the galley countertops bring a sense of deep relaxation and can counter the negative effects of radiation and electromagnetic fields. After watching the specialty chef perform their craft, the passengers step onto the dining area, walking on a custom carpet handmade with a blend of wool, cashmere and silk, designed by Lie Alonso featuring Moroccan motifs from the designers’ travels.

The use of colour evokes a liberating feeling to dive into the imagination. Lie Alonso created a scheme in nuances of champagne silks and greys that is contrasted by vivid colours such as burgundy and dark turquoise velvets, adding to the richness of the cabin experience.

The exterior livery complements the organic natural motifs with a custom hand drawn design in champagne gold contrasted by a rich black fuselage, establishing a sense of bespoke luxury with artistic flair. The skylight is coated with Vantablack, known scientifically as the deepest black substance that absorbs light, creating an infinite effect of depth. Carefully placed lights create the illusion of staring into the infinity of the galaxy.