Project Name: Life Saga

Date Completed: August 2019

Naval Architect / Exterior Designer: Admiral Tecnomar, The Italian Sea Group & GMC Architecture

Interior Designer: Mark Berryman

Shipyard: NCA – Nuovi Cantieri Apuania spa

M/Y Life Saga’s style, although imposing and monumental, it appears to be fluent and aerodynamic thanks to the perfect proportions of the overall volumes. The interior design brief, as requested by the owner, was to be a colour scheme inspired by a cappuccino. He also requested to have fabrics that would feel soft and inviting to create a warming environment. The owner likes furniture items to transform from one thing into another and to have a sense of theatre about them, so that interior and exterior spaces can from moment to moment be unique environments. The owner’s main brief about the exteriors was to have something masculine and bold whilst simultaneously not military and heavy-looking.

The Italian Sea Group started working on the general arrangement with a strong predisposition to the perception of the sea. This superyacht was to mirror nautical themes, as the owner, a lover of water sports who loves to host many friends and family. The layout has been designed to be adaptable, following the concept that from ‘dusk ‘till dawn’ you will have different needs and, consequently, different areas to live.

The main deck from aft to middle section was given full continuity between outdoor and indoor spaces, creating an extra-long open-plan sequence of situations, from sunbeds to lounge/Bar/game room forming a panoramic relaxing lounge. Full height sliding/retractable glass doors, foldable balconies and openable windows provide the possibility to live in a single hybrid environment that is both indoor and outdoor.

M/Y Life Saga contains a strong architectural setting; a reconfiguration of the whole design process so that it could be “architecture oriented”. That concept is expressed either in the general arrangement layout features or in the overall processing of the huge windows and glass walls, mostly sliding and opening to outdoors areas. The conventional boundary between indoor/outdoor here is considered completely outdated, being the main spaces of the yacht endowed by full height windows and fully sliding glass doors. Transparency, natural light, flexibility are of great importance with this superyacht.