Project Name: Global 6500 Aircraft

Date Completed: October 2019

Exterior Designer: Bombardier Aviation

Interior Designer: Bombardier Business Aircraft Industrial Design Team

Completion Centre: The Laurent Beaudoin Completion Centre in Dorval, QC

The Bombardier Global 6500 aircraft represents the best in aviation design for an unforgettable passenger experience. The business jets are the ultimate combination of performance, elegance and unsurpassed comfort, with the longest range, the largest cabin and the smoothest ride in their class.

The Global 6500 boasts Bombardier’s cutting-edge wing design, which provides the smoothest ride, as well as new Rolls-Royce Pearl engines designed specifically for this aircraft. Together, the engines and wings deliver exceptional range and performance as well as lower emissions. This aircraft was designed to deliver unparalleled performance.

Inside, the aircraft demonstrates why Bombardier is renowned around the world for business aircraft cabin design, putting the passengers’ needs first to create the ultimate living experience. The aircraft shares the same level of design excellence, with the Global 6500 aircraft featuring a crew rest area and larger kitchen. The spacious living spaces are highly flexible and can be tailored to each customer’s needs and preferences.

The aircraft features Bombardier’s patented and highly sought-after Nuage seating collection, designed for ultimate comfort on long flights. Bombardier’s Nuage seat – the first new meaningful change in aviation seat architecture in 30 years – is a game-changer for business aviation that is unique to the Global aircraft family. The Nuage seat has three key points at the heart of its design: a tilt-link system for the first ever deep recline; a floating base for fluid movement; and a tilting headrest for exceptional support. The result is a seat ergonomic perfection and comfort redefined. It’s the perfect design accent to ensure passengers stay refreshed and comfortable on all long-haul journeys.

Meanwhile, the Nuage chaise is an innovative lounge seat designed especially for the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircrafts – and a first-ever in business aviation. The inspiration came from every lounge chair on the ground, be it pool-side relaxation to the highest-end living rooms. It is business aviation’s first and only lounge chair that converts into a flat surface for sleeping or banquet-style dining around the conference grouping table. It adds new dimension to the Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircrafts with revolutionary four-in-one seating options in the conference suite. Its modular architecture merges utility, comfort and style. Inspired by a chaise lounge, its minimalist style lends to the cabin’s open feeling, while its varied functionality gives this space unprecedented versatility.

From the outside in, from cabin experience for passengers to functionality for the crew, the Global 6500 exemplifies why Bombardier aircraft are exceptional by design.