Project Name: Glad Desk GL4A

Location: Bern Switzerland

Date Completed: February 2017

Interior Designer: Guy Lafranchi

Architect: Guy Lafranchi

Developer: Guy Lafranchi

Construction Company: Albero e Foglia

A Luxury Desk designed by Guy Lafranchi Applied Design featuring exclusive Corian surface with a solid walnut combination.

Form, function and the use of high-quality materials blend masterfully to create this sensual object that will catch the eye with its intriguing silhouette. This captivating piece is both a desk and a sculpture, enriching a modern interior with its bold personality and exquisite craftsmanship. Guy Lafranchi Applied Design created a continuous line that draws an organic shape, the luxury walnut desk is wrapped in a single sheet of high-gloss white Corian, the two materials generating voids with a functional purpose of practical storage and display. This luxury desk features a long top with three soft-close drawers, a side drawer unit, and a single slanted leg.

The central aspect of this desk design and of other furniture designs by Guy Lafranchi is the combination of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary material, design and current technology. Guy Lafranchi created a solid design to the desk that works well as it attracts by the dynamic geometry whilst it still focuses on the functionality with the storage space, display and the soft-close drawers in the side drawer unit. The unique sculptural presence of the captivating piece lets the object speak itself, but that’s exactly the reason why it fits with several style and operative environments, making this piece even more timeless and desirable.

With skilled craftsmanship and artisans coming from the traditional carpenter profession out of agriculture wagons two generations back, and then combining these skills with the new technology, which is required with Corian Material, merges to create Guy Lafranchi’s luxury desk and makes this piece of art special.