Project name: Flower & Blossom

Location: Paris

Date Completed: 2017

Designer: Aurelia Bire



A piece which reinvents itself indefinitely and engages a dialogue with the collector’s interior.


For this table, Aurelia Bire wanted to design a piece, which speaks beyond function. A piece which brings well-being and serenity. A custom made piece to which everyone can relate. A piece, which would convey the message – everyone is unique. Aurelia came up with her iconic Flower & Blossom project, a table with two possible top shapes: the Flower shape, which is rounder and the Blossom shape which is more square.


The inspiration of the project finds its roots in Aurelia’s intimate relation to nature. As a child, she spent endless summers in the family property, learning to appreciate the marvels of nature with her beloved Grandmother. From that time, she has kept the hobby of picking flowers and offering flowers. With Flower & Blossom, Aurelia blurs frontiers between usual categories and reinvents the way usual objects are thought-through. At the crossroad between Art and Design, Flower & Blossom can be interpreted at different levels – a functional side table, a sculpture and a piece of Jewellery.


Aurelia would like everyone to have one of her pieces, with the finish which would best reveal his/her interior and personality. Either you come across the piece you like straight away, or you prefer to experience the adventure of creating your own, as you would do for an engagement ring.


The table integrates perfectly into any interior, be it modern or classical. It manages to be very present and to disappear in the surrounding by reflecting it. In some circumstances, the piece engages the space around, creating like a three-dimensional still-life. Flower & Blossom pieces require the best of high technology and craftmanship. The metal cone of the base is laser-cut and welded invisibly, before being polished by hand. As for the protruding part, it is made from a solid piece of brass. All marble pieces are 3D-sculpted in marble blocks and polished by hand.