Project name: Explorer 70

Date Completed: November 2018

Naval architect: Centro Stile Design Srl

Interior Designer: Centro Stile Design Srl

The interiors are typical of a modern superyacht. A large gleam allows ample chances for indoor layouts on board, such as a large salon of over 30 square meters and the open kitchen.

The yacht will allow owners to sail the seven seas with a feeling of experiencing unknown paths in full freedom, while enjoying a personal feeling. Indeed, the only limit is your imagination. Travel beyond the limits, traveling at any time and in any weather, to fully enjoy the thrill of an adventure.

Centro Stile Design’s boats are luxurious in any climate, whether by stopping by the port or relaxing in a secluded place. Each owner will be free to decide how to adapt the cabins, choosing from an infinite range of accessories, configurations and finishes.

Going down the undercover it is possible to find a double-billed master cabin for maximum light and the best view complemented by a very large bathroom; the company also decided to create two other guest cabins with the relative bathroom for each and an innovative galley with the built-in wine cellar.