Project Name: Essenziale

Date Delivered: September 2019

Company Name: Leonardo Santi Design

Completion Centre: Benetti

Interior Designer: Leonardo Santi Design

Essenziale is an interior design concept, realised by Leonardo Santi Design in partnership with Benetti shipyard for the Oasis 40 metre and designed for a young audience willing to twist boating classical stylistic canons.

For Leonardo Santi, the project stems from the need to create an interior design concept suitable for a young audience, that wants to experience boating in a different and innovative way. A true house, between sky and water. The guideline of the project is the word essenziale (essential in English). The concept is rich and refined, with no overstatement. Essential, indeed. Essential are the architectural lines, colours and materials. Starting from the main salon, two versions have been realised: the first one is informal, and the typical dining area has been replaced by a bar; the second one is more traditional and meets the usual requests by the owners. In the informal version of the main salon, importance is given to space sharing more than the classical functional canons.

The space is designed to enjoy seamless continuity between inside and outside. All the windows may be opened to create a single and unique room. Regarding the chosen materials, the birch is the principal wood, used in two different tones and enriched with precious finishes in titanium and marble. The floor has been thought out of the box, realised with a random pattern of oak wood. The loose furniture is expression of made in Italy and is modern and light. The owner’s cabin is the representation of essentiality together with elegance.

The yacht has been additionally conceived to have seamless continuity between indoor and outdoor. Materials have been studied to have neutral and natural colours, in order to perfectly integrate with the surrounding environment.

Leonardo Santi believes there is an evidently increasingly strong connection between residential and yachting interior design. The point of strength of the project is the sublimation of this connection. The owners could live their daily life on board just as at home, with the same comfort and wellness, with no constraints. Every space has been accurately conceived: from livability to attention to details, leaving to the owner a truly desirable element within yachting: the chance to customise.