Project name: EOS Carbon Fibre Chaise Longue

Designer: Kristian Arens, Essence of Strength

Essence of Strength owner Kristian Arens presents a carbon fibre Chaise Longue designed and engineered to truly celebrate carbon fibre as a structural and aesthetic material. The EOS carbon chaise Longue perfectly shows off the extraordinary structural capabilities of carbon fibre. Inspired by simplistic structural forms, and styling taken from automotive elegance. The cantilevered, gravity defying Chaise Longue is designed to oscillate gently, comfortably supporting the desired posture position. A true engineering accomplishment. The chaise takes its inspiration from nature; where natural flowing curves and shapes deliver the optimum strength and stiffness required.

This ground-breaking structure is made possible by utilizing the very latest in cutting edge carbon composite and Formula 1 technologies. The EOS Chaise Longue is a limited-edition piece, that is fully customisable with a range of luxurious leather finishes and accessories to ensure pure comfort and uncompromising pleasure. The stiffness or flex can be adjusted to the desired posture and bounce preferred by the client, a truly bespoke experience

Kristian has worked with carbon fibre for over 10 years, designing and producing components that are designed to be structurally functional over being beautiful. This product is the culmination of that experience, where pure optimized engineering meets flowing aesthetic lines. For this piece, Kristian chose a process and materials that are also used in the F1 industry, where strength to weight ratios are optimum.

The process entails high modulus, prepregnated unidirectional carbon fibre, that is then cured in a specialist autoclave. at high temperature and pressure to ensure the moulding is without imperfections, and of the highest stiffness possible.  Never (as far as Kristian is aware) has this been done in furniture design.