Product Name: Eclipse Wall Lamp by Ginger & Jagger

Date Completed: April 2017

Designer: Ema Antunes (for Ginger & Jagger)

Brand: Ginger & Jagger

The Eclipse Wall Lamp is a poetic intersection between light and shadow, stone and metal. Designed and handcrafted in Porto, Portugal. When a third element comes into alignment, the subject, it’s demi-lunar light core and the metal rim that envelops the shape creates a stellar coronal light diffusion. The unique and sculptural hand-carved marble shade and hand-moulded metal rim create a sense of invisible and harmonious movement.

The authentic handcraft is the key aspect of this product. The Eclipse Wall Lamp is carved by hand, making each piece a unique sculpture. It takes weeks of work by hand from a single artisan. Artisan skills such as stone carving and metalsmithing are required for the production of the wall lamp. The Eclipse Wall Lamp results from a combination of marble and metal that forms a distinctive demi-lunar light.

The Eclipse Wall Lamp is a statement piece in any luxury interior. Each item is unique thanks to its natural material inspiration. The earthy materials, the element of craftsmanship and the design make the Eclipse Wall Lamp a bold design for either commercial or residential projects.