Project Name: Dominator Ilumen 42 – Peppermint

Date Completed: 2020

Naval Architect: NAVALHEAD

Interior Designer: Luca Catino

Shipyard: Dominator Yachts

The Dominator Ilumen 42 originated from the 28-metre line, the exterior design incorporates the style of the 28M and adds stylistic character. The inclined windshield and the large glass openings at the bow remain in line with the previous boats and highlight small details revisited in the design.

Luca Catino’s brief for the Dominator Ilumen 42 required a contemporary interior design with a clean and minimalistic look, evoking the feeling of a luxury villa on the sea. The interiors were to contain flexible spaces, to accommodate different types of environments, from the gym to the relaxation and down to the convertible beach club. The beach club can accommodate up to jet skis and can be used as a platform on the water with a bar and relaxation area attached.

The interiors were designed to minimise the overall dimensions and give more volume to the interior, highlight cleanliness and chromatic continuity. Large and spacious guest cabins and the classic master cabin remain the founding elements on the interior design, renewed in detail and in the use of materials. Clear tones, rich details and colour contacts have the interior design of the 42M a yacht suitable for all needs.

Luca Catino’s favourite aspects of the project include the master cabin shower solution, the flexible spaces that can be opened and closed with hidden doors and the overall minimalist interior design scheme. The dimensions of the windows and openings to the sides and the master cabin gives the feeling of living amongst the sea. Luca Catino believes that the design works so well because it’s fresh and contemporary through the use of geometric shapes and clean lines.