Project Name: Grand Soleil 48 Performance

Date: July 2018

Shipyard: Cantiere del Pardo

Interior Designer: Marco Lostuzzi, Cantiere del Pardo Design Team & Nauta Yachts

Exterior Designer: Marco Lostuzzi, Cantiere del Pardo Design Team & Nauta Yachts


Cantiere del Pardo main focus point in the design of the Grand Soleil 48 Performance was around its hull, Cantiere del Pardo chose a hull that has narrow entry lines at the bow, with round underwater sections and vertical hull sides. Moving aft the rocker becomes progressively flatter with flared hull sides at the stern. The freeboard and beam are of a generous size, especially at the stern, this is to provide the volume needed for the cruising aspect of the design brief.

To save weight and improve performance Cantiere del Pardo utilised numerous lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium. This enabled Cantiere del Pardo to effectively create a powerful mix between the sail area, displacement and stability which helped create the balance needed for the yacht to perform.

Cantiere del Pardo used sophisticated tools, skills and materials to deliver a boat with both high performance and comfort. It has the required blend of medium-light displacement and powerful sail area, along with the generous righting moment necessary to balance the power of the sails. She’s a very elegant boat with dynamic, performance-inspired looks and a lot of interior space.

The Grand Soleil 48 Performance sailing yacht has the sleek modern elegance that are common throughout all Grand Soleil yachts.