Project Name: BBJ MAX 7

Design Completed: 2019

Interior Designer: Massari Design srl

Completion Centre: Boeing Business Jets

Massari Design completed an interior design concept for Boeing’s BBJ Max 7, the design mission was to create an emotional design that people could really connect with. A light colour scheme and bright atmosphere will balance the feeling of an enclosed floating space, creating visual cosy environments for guests on this jet.

The contemporary design features ultra-smooth finishes which is combined with the simplicity of the surfaces. These features allow the colour and design to be the focus rather than the texture of the materials.

The space planning was conceived to have distinctive areas for multiple business and relaxing usages. The open plan living area serves as a relaxation area that can also be used for dining and business needs. The large bathroom area mimics that of a luxury 5-star hotel, open plan and spacious.

For Massari Design, the key aspect of this project was the clean and contemporary design. Smooth lines combined with the neutral colour scheme provide an interior that is appealing and inviting. The interiors perfectly showcase a luxury style without being over the top or unnecessarily flashy.