Project Name: Affinity – A Greenpoint Sustainable Widebody Concept

Date Completed: March 2020

Exterior Designer: Greenpoint Design

Interior Designer: Greenpoint Design

Completion Centre: Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.

Greenpoint’s Affinity interior began with their client’s desire for positive change and a renewed need to connect with nature. Greenpoint Design drew inspiration from biophilic design; bringing the outside in through the creation of living indoor spaces with organic, sustainable design elements. The designers studied the benefits of biophilic design including stress reduction and a positive impact on one’s mood, energy, focus and productivity. The Affinity interior seamlessly balances sustainable design and well-being with innovative technology concealed within the natural user interface. The result is a modern, holistic and meaningful interior.

Affinity features an expansive main cabin with contemporary architecture and organic details. A refined, louvred archway features meandering organic greenery and soft LED lighting diffused to mimic natural daylight. The natural oak archway separates two lounges while maintaining an open and tranquil cabin environment.

The forward lounge is ideal for relaxed social gatherings, featuring an outboard-facing oversized sectional and large viewing display. Passengers may use the outboard display as a window to the outside world, with the ability to project views from external High Definition (HD) cameras; bringing the excitement of flight and nature’s beauty into the cabin. A central feature of the forward lounge is the circular, layered moss green wall symbolizing energy, harmony and mindfulness.

The aft lounge achieves a classic space with raw, sustainable materials including a soft bamboo silk carpet.  Serene blues, inspired by the Pantone colour of the year, offer a sense of calm and solidarity. A delicate, slated oak wall covers the aft lounge walls and sidewalls, providing elegant texture and refinement with craftsman floral cut-outs.

The Affinity interior features a vast digital skylight extending across the cabin ceiling, bringing light and starry night scenes into the cabin. Throughout the journey, the light scenes adjust to different time zones and are programmed to align with passengers’ natural circadian rhythm.

Greenpoint’s Affinity interior achieves a contemporary, honest and open cabin. Each space offers the highest level of function and adaptability, with adjustable lighting and advanced technology concealed throughout the cabin. Whether traveling for business or leisure, the Affinity interior provides a comfortable, serene oasis for all passengers onboard.