Product Name: Wallcovering for Private Yacht

Name of Vessel: M/Y Savannah

Submitted by: Material Design Group – Sophie Mallebranche®

Designer: CG Design

Clean lines and chrome finishes allow for a stunning, luminous backdrop for the central staircase of this impressive superyacht. The brief for the wallcovering was a complete metallic finish employed as art. The metallic theme is notably seen in the yacht’s winding central staircase: a series of Sophie Mallebranche® woven metal panels are carefully placed to create an airy backdrop. Positioned at an angle, the long vertical panels form a soft curve, encapsulating the staircase while simultaneously allowing the passage of light in the space between each panel. The model used, Creation 539 Variation 1, Pearl Silver, is applied as a wallcovering, giving the delicate material a durable finish that protects it from damage in the high traffic area.

The key aspects for this project were the metallic finishes, light reflections, artistically-driven, bespoke, verticality. The specifier, an Italian Architect based in Paris who turned her focus from luxury retail projects to yachts, used Sophie Mallebranche® woven metal material as she would have previously: as a luxurious backdrop to a high-end environment, creating harmony for the passengers with a material that is feminine, silky, and luminous.

For the woven metal: the skills of an industrial weaver, adapted to the weaving of metal wires. For the wall covering implementation: the skills of a mill worker / joinery: wrapping of the material around a substrate for wall covering application (as one would with leather). The composition of white and silver wires in the weave are enhanced by the passing rays of light, which create a luxurious, fluid effect on the surface of the material reminiscent of the undulating waves of the ocean the yacht is gliding on.