Project Name: Upper Cabin & Bar

Interior Designer: Viewport Studio

Created by London-based Viewport Studio, this complete design of the Upper Class Cabin and Bar for Virgin Atlantic Airways creates a unique and dynamic experience for passengers. Specialising in product design and architecture, Viewport’s work on the Upper Class Cabin & Bar included monuments, lighting scheme and new Premium Economy feature wall.

Virgin Atlantic are renowned for their on-board bar and this was Viewport’s second design for the world-class airline. The theme for the project was “emancipation of flight” – to respond to the exciting innovations of the Boeing 787 and to create a new experience for the passenger. Viewport Studio have angled the bar so that is faces the passenger on boarding, which creates an entirely new dynamic for the crew interaction. The cantilevered bar and the sharp cutaway on the underside creates a distinctly architectural quality, which also provides emphasis on the lightness and volume of the aircraft entrance. The angled ceiling panels create a subtle refraction of light into the space. As a special feature on-board this aircraft, Viewport Studio developed a bespoke lighting system with over 400 individually programmable segments. Viewport wanted to create a neutral canvas in terms of colour so that the lighting design possible in this new aircraft could be used to full effect. In this way, the time of day or night becomes more obvious in the space, and that a cabin refresh programme would be an easier option. From the innovative twin shot moulded bar seats to perches in the galley wall, each surface element has a very tactile and unrivalled quality.