Project Name: Versa Suite

Date Completed: April 2019

Designer: In-house Design Team

Safran Seats new angled business class seat will replace the bestselling Cirrus, with improved design, privacy and aircraft adjustability. The design brief for Safran Seats was to create a seat that would build on the features that made Cirrus such a successful business class seat. A seat that could easily adapt to different cabins providing the best living space, and could be customized to communicate each different airline’s identity without requiring a large investment, while at the same time addressing new industry requirements such as integrating increased privacy with flexible doors that are easy to install and certify.

Its adaptability to any cabin is the key aspect of the Versa Suite. Being an angled seat, Versa’s seat angle can be adjusted to make the best use of each cabin’s space, keeping a good density for the airlines, the particular orientation of the seat provides an excellent level of privacy without the need for a door.

The console was optimized to house a larger meal table, while providing a shelf, a fixed flat surface that’s always available for the passenger, with space for smaller item storage below, and all this results in a sizeable increase for passenger storage. The screen is fixed, which opens up space for interaction between passengers travelling together. It’s a very light platform product that can change between aircrafts and airlines with very minimal changes in the seat structure.

The ability to adjust to different angles to optimize available living space helps it easily adapt to any aircraft and makes it more versatile product to use for airlines. The fact that it uses every available inch translates to more comfort for passengers.