Project Name: Velocity, The Gulfstream G500 Concept Interior

Interior Designer: Gulfstream Design Studio

Exterior Designer: Gulfstream

The Gulfstream G500 entered the business-jet market as the most technologically advanced and highest-performing aircraft in its class with the most comfortable and innovative cabin design. Gulfstream’s design team has envisioned an interior scheme to match: the G500 Velocity design concept. Conceived for the traveller whose lifestyle is customized not only to their personal design tastes but also for their optimum pace, the Gulfstream G500 visionary concept translates speed of life on the ground to the near-supersonic Gulfstream speed of commerce in the skies.

The Gulfstream G500 Velocity concept offers an exterior and interior expression of the aircraft’s flying experience through its theme inspired by high-performance racing. The exterior paint scheme features diamond-shaped crosshatching, dynamic striped details and metallic accents, a departure from typical aircraft liveries.

The Sport interior combines the structure of geometric patterns with fluid organic lines to create a sense of movement that draws you further into the cabin. Cobalt blue and racing red add a vibrancy to this dynamic design. Diamond quilted inserts on seats add texture, dimension and comfort. Highly lacquered surfaces, polished plating and carbon fibre accents further refine the design.

Gulfstream’s award-winning mission-specific Sport seating is the focal point for the Velocity interior and anchors the design aesthetic. It was created by Gulfstream engineers and designers with enhanced ergonomics similar to those of the world’s fastest sports cars and features optimum bolstering, ideal for the extended high-speed trips that the G500 can fly.

The Velocity concept works well because it links the speed and performance capabilities of Gulfstream aircraft to high-precision auto racing. The Gulfstream G500’s maximum speed is Mach 0.925 — more than 90 percent the speed of sound — allowing the aircraft to deliver passengers safely to their finish line first with an interior to suit.