Project name: Steamrıng

Interior Designer:  Doga Naz Cebecı

Exterior Designer: Baran Akalin


“Steamring” is a Steampunk inspired yacht designed by Baran Akalin has full custom interior design created by

Fancy by Dada. She is designed to be sophisticated both inside and out and yet with a sense of humour. There is a huge knowledge, a careful philosophy and a deep study on exterior lines and style and on each piece of interior exterior furniture, structure and decoration in all areas. Each piece of furniture and each element is uniquely created by Fancy by Dada from sofas to lighting elements.

The indoor pool area bathed in blue is the super star of “Steamring.” The dark parquet with blue stripes invites you down to the lower deck lounge area. Full size glass windows and structures create a dramatic architectural and artistic effect and help to create a more open and ventilated area where you can enjoy the sunlight during the day and the stars at night, whilst enjoying the blue mosaic spa pool with its iconic Rolls Royce fibre optic lights on the ceiling.

Retro inspired bar area and stools, lounge sofas and swinging chaise lounges have been designed to create the fanciest pool party area! Stepping up to the lounge area and lounge dining the guest enjoys custom sofas and ottomans with classic colours and timeless gold details which are designed to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. This area includes four open terraces which provide a maximum yachting lifestyle and proximity to the ocean.

The dining table is made of marble inlaid with gold details and is complimented by ostrich leather upholstered corset dining chairs – just some of the bespoke elements from Fancy by Dada which complete the luxurious dining area. The dining area also has a large skylight window above it and two open terraces on the sides to create a spacious feeling which promises the ultimate dining experience.

The owner’s cabin’s complex structures are made of steel frames and its leather panel inserts reflect the industrial side of Steampunk while a glass ceiling and full-size windows encourage guests to relax. Inside the bathroom there are luxury mosaics and marbles which give a luxury spa feeling to the owner. The owner’s bedroom also has a large terrace with lounge seats and a jacuzzi located on the bow.