Project Name: Steamring

Design Completed: April 2019

Interior Designer: Doğa Naz Cebeci

Exterior Designer: Baran Akalın

Steamring is 75-meter mega yacht inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. She is designed for appreciating the earlier age when everything was not mass produced but made by skilled artisans. The Steamring design emerged from blending 19th-century stark style and classic colours with contemporary luxury styles to ensure the most high-end yacht interiors for owners with a unique lifestyle.

She has a lounge area on the lower deck transom that welcomes visitors with inviting comfortable interiors. The lounge area has 4 terraces to give maximum feeling of an open plan space. There is also an open plan dining area with two terraces, so guests can enjoy the view from both the living and dining areas which looks out onto the pool and the wider ocean. The pool area features many lounging elements for socialising around the pool but also captures an architectural and artistic look through its design.

This yacht is to encompass 9 cabins with space for 18 guests, her Master cabin is located on the upper deck, and much like the penthouse of a hotel, has very large field of view. Classic colours and timeless details are one of the main features of this design. Every piece of bespoke furniture is designed specifically for Steamring such as sofas, ottomans, dining chairs, coffee tables and dining tables. As the soft final touch terrace openings and floor is covered with leather to give last luxurious touch. Steamring has a unique style that brings 19th-century style to the modern era luxury yacht market. Her exterior and interior was specifically designed for a maximum feeling of open space.