Project Name: Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class Cabin

Date Delivered: December 2017

Interior Designer: JPA Design

Since 1998, JPA Design has been entrusted to create many of the products and environments that define the Singapore Airlines experience and thier new Business Class seat is the latest addition. The new design is underpinned by a unique technology, developed and patented by JPA and offering a revolutionary approach to the construction of aircraft seating.

Known as the “Monocoque”, this technology allows the seat structure to be dramatically simplified thereby creating more space for passengers, reducing seat weight and streamlining the construction process. Singapore Airlines’ new Business Class seat is the first of this new generation of design, which JPA Design believe will become the norm in the near future.

Alongside structural innovation, JPA designed the cabin to deliver outstanding comfort to passengers, and to facilitate effortless service from the real stars of the show, Singapore Airlines unrivalled cabin crew. Transforming at the touch of a button, passengers can configure their seats for high levels of privacy, a more social space or even a double bed.

JPA Design looked to Garden City of Singapore itself, its connection with nature and its bio sensitive design as their inspiration in creating the business class seat and cabin. The designers wanted customers to be delighted by a warm and modern ambience.  JPA Design evolved elements from the previous next generation cabin family, offering a reassuring level of familiarity, but with more dynamic and bold features introduced through the space.

Passenger behaviour is changing. The trend is now for people to bring more luggage into the cabin, so JPA Design set out to design Monocoque to have the largest under seat capacity to stow luggage, appealing to passengers wishing to have their personal belongings close at hand. This design helps avoid the need for central overhead bins making the cabin appear not only more spacious but saving on weight too. Which saves on fuel and is therefore better for the environment. A win for Singapore Airlines, the cabin crew and the world as a whole!