Project Name: MY Roswell

Designer: George Lucian

George Lucian wanted to design something bold and exclusive. Starting with the idea of creating an iconic yacht that is recognised worldwide inspired from the future, George Lucian created the stunning motor yacht concept M/Y ROSWELL. A very unique yacht, M/Y ROSWELL is a super yacht concept that is designed to fascinate people with its design and stature.

The full aluminium, 65 meter super yacht, is designed to have full electric running capabilities, fuelled by an array of large solar panels that cover the numerous horizontal surfaces of the superstructure of the vessel. The M/Y ROSWELL is also supported by two backup diesel electric engines. Its shape borrows elements from the military stealth vessels, aircraft and spacecrafts, and together with the full electric capabilities, reflective hull surface, patterns, and sharp angles, make the yacht have a very discrete radar footprint, if any.

Unlike its radar footprint, its presence in any harbour will for sure be anything else but discrete. With its bold design it is sure to turn heads.  On the bow side of the main deck you can find a large outdoor covered living area, including a beam length swimming pool, a lounge and a dining area. This shall be the main living area of the yacht, being connected to the main salon and the stem deck with large glass doors and walls, giving the sensation of a huge open loft like space. The bridge deck is located on the upper deck, together with a helicopter platform, and a sky lounge. The yacht can welcome on board 12 guests together with 12 crew members.

George Lucian’s message that he wants to convey to the yachting world is to ‘dare to dream, dare to go further than the standard boundaries and dare to push all future projects to the absolute limit of imagination and innovation.’ M/Y ROSWELL successfully encompasses this vision with its futuristic design and bold stature.