Project Name: Praetor 600 – Bossa Nova

Date Delivered: October 2018

Manufacturer: Embraer

Interior Designer: Kari Cooksey

Exterior Designer: Eric Shibata

Embraer’s new, preeminent interior theme — the Bossa Nova edition — debuted with the Praetor 600. Different by design and disruptive by choice, the Praetor 500 and the Praetor 600 are the world’s most disruptive and technologically advanced midsize and super-midsize business jets. Leonardo da Vinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Inspired by this, Embraer Executive Jets created their preeminent optional interior package — the Bossa Nova — with simple sophistication in mind.

At NBAA 2018 the Praetor 600 debuted the stunning Bossa Nova edition interior. The direct translation of “bossa nova” is “new trend.” Thus, the Bossa Nova edition is not only Embraer’s latest and most advanced interior, but also the newest trend in aerospace interiors. The Bossa Nova embodies the cool, stylish elegance of that famous style of Brazilian jazz. The custom Ipanema quilted style design on the seats is inspired by the famous sidewalks of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, complemented by the tuxedo stitching and colour accent details on the divan.

Exquisitely crafted interior surfaces dance gracefully with the all-new Ipanema sew style found on the seats, hearkening back to both the Renaissance and to the music industry of the 50s in Rio de Janeiro. Gracing the architectural surfaces that otherwise would be covered in veneer is a new carbon fiber surface application made from Prepreg material engineered for Formula 1 race cars.

In a sophisticated and elegant way, the aesthetics of this interior bring simplicity to the mind and a relaxation found in no other aircraft. When combined with Embraer Executive Jets already innovative interior DNA, the Bossa Nova edition provides an exclamation point to the best value proposition in business aviation: the disruptive Praetor 500 and Praetor 600 that lead the way in performance, comfort and technology.