Project Name: Moments

Completion Centre: Style and Design

Designer: Romain Chareyre

For this project, Style and Design asked themselves, “how can we dramatically improve comfort in Business class, both from a seating and sleeping prospective?” The designers believe that current seats are offering reduced comfort because of geometries preventing movement, indeed static sitting occurs when prolonged seating is rigid, and results in sustained mechanical tissue loading and causes greater health issue risks.

Comfort is not a universal thing, people all have different parameters (size, age, gender, pathologies) dramatically impacting our perception of the comfort, however one principle applies to everyone… the most comfortable posture is the right one! The target with this seat is to develop a seat geometry favourable to active seating, promoting movement, improving postures and activating core muscles which is highly recommended by experts on long-haul flights.

The Moments Business Class cabin will allow people to freely move around and prevent them from being forced to keep the same body parts in contact with the same surfaces for long-haul flights – which is instrumental to the comfort of passengers and thus to their overall experience.

Another aspect that Style and Design wanted to address was bed quality, the surface available for each passenger is usually quite narrow and is achieved by the transformation of a seat into a bed. The designers thought that starting off a proper bed design with appropriate and continuous support and then finding ways and means to transform it smartly into a seat (without impacting the thick and joined surfaces of the bed) was a holy grail Style and Design wanted to reach.

Moments offers the most generous and versatile bed in the sky (25% larger bed usable in sofa mode) & a multi-tasking friendly table enlarged by 40% for an enhanced passenger experience, with simple kinematics reducing weight and cost by 25%. Style and Design combined cabin configuration exploration, seat architecture design, ergonomics and development of versatile functions, with a layer of perceived quality and pure styling to introduce a comfortable feeling of home in the highly technical world of commercial aviation cabins.