Project name: Maco 44

Interior Designer:  Valdi Knapic

Exterior Designer: Valdi Knapic


The Maco 44 Designed by Maco Boating Industries is a fast power boat, navigating the sea in comfort. With its strong character, expressed through decisive and aggressive lines, in its basic proportions it is almost a cigarette type boat but it is still able to enclose a much more generous volume than expected.  The lines are inspired by forms belonging to the aquatic animal kingdom, more precisely to the Mako Shark. The Mako Shark is the fastest shark in the water and the speed is what makes it a phenomenal hunter.

The extremely streamlined body is shaped like a torpedo, the overall character of the boat can be defined in two words: supremacy and power. The supremacy is based on the predatory nature of the lines and the power is expressed with speed.  The yachts exterior, except for the aerodynamic / hydrodynamic lines, is characterised by wide openings that underline its basic character and create the preconditions for a bright interior lit by natural light.

The yacht is designed to be used as a day cruiser and the deck disposition is arranged accordantly.  The cockpit is the heart of the yacht. It is composed of a sequence of elements, starting with a wide sun-bed, followed by a comfortable sitting area, then the seat for the pilot and next to it two additional seats for passengers to enjoy the fast rides at their best possible revelation.