Project name: Hermès

Exterior Designer:  Aristotelis Betsis

Aristotelis Betsis Yacht Designs unique 42 metre, one of a kind high performance retractable hydrofoil superyacht is capable of reaching speeds up to 60kn. It integrates cutting edge technology and engineering with a sleek and stylish design.

Hermès Project has been initiated to fill the gap in the superyacht market, offering a fuel-efficient solution for a high speed superyacht. For Aristotelis Betsis Yacht Design the target of this project was to integrate cutting edge technology with high end aesthetics. Hydrofoil technology, only known in the Military and Defence industry, has now been introduced in to the superyacht world thanks to the Hermès Project. A discrete retractable hydrofoil system will allow the yacht to cruise in shallow waters. This results in reduced yacht resistance as well as the elimination of the effect of motion sickness. The significant reduction of the resistance will result in less required power, hence less emissions.

The general arrangement of the yacht has been designed by Aristotelis Betsis Yacht Design to facilitate the hydrofoil system with minimal interactions between guest and crew life on board. The exterior styling of the yacht is aggressive and sleek, showing her performance capabilities and dynamic attitude. The aerodynamic profile will help to avoid instability due to air resistance and a bullet shaped superstructure helps to derive the best aerodynamic characteristics and keep the centre of gravity relatively low. The vertical bow enables Hermès to achieve the longest possible waterline length to reduce nose-diving effect and prevent large pressure loads from green water.

The retractable fully submersed hydrofoils along with its bullet shaped glass superstructure makes Hermès the GT (Gran Turismo) equivalent of a superyacht. The massive aft swimming platform and infinity jacuzzi add to the luxuries you would expect from your average super yacht help make Hermès the perfect all-rounder.

Aristotelis Betsis Yacht Designs Hermès concept combines innovation with practicality and offers an alternative to those who seek a fast, fuel efficient, smooth and stylish superyacht. Every technical aspect of the yacht has been designed to derive the most elegant and aesthetic outcome. It is the balance between those two disciplines which make the yacht unique and successful.