Project/product name: Nextant G90XT

Date Delivered:

Completion Center: Nextant Aerospace

Interior Designer: Constant Aviation Interiors Design Team

Exterior Designer: Nextant Aerospace


Luxury, high-performance, and economical operations combine to form arguably the safest, most cost-effective twin engine turboprop ever built: the Nextant Aerospace G90XT.

The G90XT by Nexant Aviation is a twin-turboprop cabin-class that begins with the Beechcraft King Air 90. Through a rigorous FAA-certified re-manufacturing process, the air-frame transforms into an unlimited-life structure with a perfectly matched outfit of new engines, avionics, interiors, and systems.

At the heart of the G90XT is a pair of GE H75 turbine engines controlled through a revolutionary single-lever power control system (S-LPC). This system reduces pilot workload; each of the H75 engines and corresponding propellers are precisely controlled by the S-LPC in concert with an Electronic Engine and Prop Control (EEPC).

A world class finish is the takeaway from the G90XT. It sports a refined interior usually reserved for larger business jets. Constant Aviation’s professional design team and craftsmen use the finest hardwoods and laminates, leathers, carpeting and fabrics, and the latest in integrated digital productivity and entertainment technologies.

The exterior paintwork is a striking departure from the norm, allowing the G90XT to stand out on the ramp with a bold colour combo in white, black, and a brilliant copper Pantone 876C.

The G90XT takes advantage of the relatively new FAA-certified re-manufacturing process; previously-used air-frames selected by Nextant undergo a whole-aircraft modernisation that meets or exceeds new-build standards. Paired with the GE H75 engines, the G90XT boasts improved operating efficiency, more efficient fuel burn, higher power output, and lower operating costs when compared to new aircraft in its class.