Project Name: Esquel

Design Completed: February 2019

Shipyard: Oceanco

Interior Designer: Gina Brennan

Exterior Designer: Bozca Design Ltd

Naval Architects: Lateral Naval Architects

Expedition Partners: Pelorus

Esquel is a state-of-the-art 105-meter (345ft) diesel electric expedition motor yacht. Sporting a displacement hull with a plumb bow, she has been designed for extensive cruising to remote regions extending from the North Pole to the South Pole and everywhere in between. At the same time, she offers all the amenities of a renowned Oceanco. The superyacht concept is named after a meteorite composed of metal and crystals that was found near a Patagonian town.

With her versatile layout and accommodation plan, and capabilities of world travel, Esquel can be customized to have laboratories or spaces aboard for any number of scientific experiments. For example, she can be equipped for coral aquaculture — for creating coral reef farms aboard to help restore our world’s dying reefs.

At home in Antarctica and equally at home in the Mediterranean, Esquel offers the best of both worlds — a perfect blend between an expedition vessel and a sophisticated superyacht. If you are going to take to the high seas in any hemisphere, Esquel will be your home away from home. it’s the expedition that makes the discovery, not the discovery itself. Packed with advanced technology, features and assets, Esquel represents a new revolutionary type of multi-purpose super yacht. The perfect rare combination of pure luxury and comfort and enterprising expeditions that extend far outside your comfort zone.