Project Name: EN SUITE | Super-Premium Air Travel Experience

Date Delivered: September 2018

Designer: Factorydesign

EN SUITE is a Super-Premium commercial air travel experience that can be configured for individuals, or couples travelling together, and provides absolute privacy with dedicated changing room and lavatory facilities for every passenger. Full-height Suites offer complete privacy and personal space for living, relaxing, dining and sleeping, yet configured carefully to align with the aircraft’s standard lavatory interfaces and allow the addition of a large luxury washroom.

For many years, when looking to improve their premium cabins, the best airlines have sought inspiration from various market sectors such as automotive, luxury goods, hospitality and, in particular, hotels. Whether a brand resonates with luxury accommodation and service or takes inspiration from the growing interest in the unique values and personalities of boutique hotels, there is no doubt that much can be learned and taken from the ground to the air.

Currently, with the exception of Etihad’s The Residence, even the most privileged Premium Class travellers are required to share a toilet.  Can you imagine that being acceptable in any Four Seasons or Shangri-La Hotel? The aviation design community is routinely and successfully turning out First Class and Business Class seat products with careful attention given to seat comfort, sleep quality, enhanced entertainment, function and privacy.

With this in mind, through work in Ultra-First Class and Luxury aircraft cabins, Factorydesign have taken the next step in truly innovating the super-luxury travel offer. Often the best ideas are the simplest, it would be easy enough to create this prestigious passenger experience by using large amounts of real estate in the aircraft cabin. This would be commercially hard to justify, so the best aspect of this design is the innovative inter-relation between the seating and living areas, and the existing technical infrastructure on the aircraft.  At once, emotionally, creating a stunning experience for the passenger while, pragmatically, satisfying the airline’s commercial ambitions.

Ultimate privacy, ultimate privilege, the ultimate shared space: truly the next advance in luxury commercial travel.