Project name:  Gulfstream V Cosmos Interior Refurbishment

Location: USA

Date Delivered:  February 2016

Completion Centre:  Constant Aviation

Interior Designer:  Constant Aviation Interiors


Constant Aviation’s handcrafted interiors team aimed for the stars when they helped a client realise his ultimate vision for their Gulfstream V. The challenge was to maintain a clean, orderly look for the aircraft, while packing the interior with plenty of unique flair. To achieve this goal, Constant Aviation developed a custom cabin layout and design it calls “Cosmos.”

The Cosmos theme relies on a bold mix of colour and texture to create an ethereal environment for the client to travel the world. A textured white wave pattern around the windows makes the interior feel light and airy, while black and gold veneers add interest to horizontal surfaces. Tying everything together is a custom carpet produced specifically for this aircraft. The carpet includes the black, grey, red, gold and white Cosmos palette and lets the colours flow through the cabin.

Since the client uses this plane for business and personal travel, Constant Aviation completely reconfigured the cabin to include distinct areas for work, relaxation and dining. Clear, etched bulkheads define each space without blocking views or confining travellers. The relaxation area features a handcrafted cabinet that raises and lowers an HDTV with the touch of a button. In the dining space, a credenza was custom built with a world map inlay on the top surface. The unique top flips up to reveal two comfortable kibitzer seats that are perfect for drinks and discussions. To ensure work gets done wherever the client is travelling, Wi-Fi with international coverage was installed throughout.

Constant Aviation’s “Cosmos” custom interior takes this Gulfstream V to new levels while maintaining an orderly look. The custom carpet was one of the first materials chosen. The client fell in love with the design, so it was used to influence other aspects of the interior. This design works well because it offers unique ideas in a functional package. Bold materials and colours flow seamlessly through spaces designed specifically for work, relaxation and dining.