Project Name: BBJ Max 7 – Genesis Unique

Date completed: December 2018

Interior Designer: Sky Style (Max Pardo & Lucas Colombo)

The BBJ MAX Genesis Unique concept draws inspiration from elements of nature and uses the BBJ MAX’s generous space to render a peaceful cabin where passengers want to stay and spend time and connect to the outside environment through which they travel. Genesis Unique uses LED lighting to generate a starry night sky, sculpted valences inspired by lenticular clouds, and curved monuments to evoke rolling hills in a calming passenger space. In BBJ MAX’s Genesis Unique, the passenger will never feel confined to a traditional tube on their 15-hour flight, but rather be inspired by beautiful surroundings, wherein they can relax, dine, sleep, shower and prepare for the next day in full-size, luxurious comfort.

Lightness, flow and integration are the main design premises. Each cabin area smoothly transitions to the next using continuous curved cabin features, which take full advantage of BBJ MAX’s unparalleled space. BBJ Genesis Unique’s colour palette is evocative of a Middle East theme, with elements such as Arabic lanterns and warm gold decorative patterns and details.

Innovation is key to this concept, highlighting spaces that transform at the touch of a button, including a wine-glass rack that lowers from the ceiling and a partition that unfolds to separate the office and owner’s cabin from the rest of the plane. An imaginative twin dining table allows the passenger to transition from working to enjoying a fully served meal in seconds. Importantly, current generation technology and light-weight materials are used throughout the cabin and allow implementation today.

The design works so well because it seamlessly integrates every cabin zone into a single, continuous, luxurious and liveable solution. Each zone allows separate living spaces in peaceful surroundings for work, play, and rest, and incorporate all the modern conveniences demanded by today’s business traveller. Rather than a patchwork of traditional business jet cabin sections, Genesis Unique provides an available design not seen in any other current generation business jet.