Project name:  Global Express, Art Deco Interior Refurbishment

Location:  USA

Date Delivered: September 2014

Completion Centre: Constant Aviation

Interior Designer:  Constant Aviation Interiors

Exterior Designer: Constant Aviation


Inspired by the Golden Age of Flight, this Global Express interior was handcrafted by Constant Aviation in a luxurious Art Deco style. It features a unique blend of warm colours and geometric shapes in a cabin that is completely reconfigured to maximise passenger comfort.

To achieve the feel of the 1920s and 30s, Constant Aviation’s interiors team relied on intricate repeated patterns on the carpet and window surrounds. These details add interest to the cabin without overshadowing the stars of the show: the inlays on the dining credenza and lavatory door veneer surfaces. These one-of-a-kind pieces of art were created in-house using three species of wood ranging in colour from a dark black to a bright golden orange.

While the beauty of this aircraft interior is timeless, Constant Aviation developed the custom cabin with more than just looks in mind. Each seating area–including the crew rest area, galley and lavatory–was re-imagined for better functionality and comfort. In the dining space, the standard four-place seating arrangement can be expanded to six by utilising innovative flip-up seats built into a custom credenza. Aft of the dining area is a private theatre room featuring a divan and 42-inch high-definition monitor.

The improved functionality of the custom layout, combined with a cohesive Art Deco look, make this interior a perfect setting for travelling the world. Since Constant Aviation left nothing in the interior untouched, all components–from hard surfaces to upholstery materials and carpet–were designed from scratch to form a cohesive Art Deco theme.