Project Name: 4seasons

Interior Designer: Warja Borges

In cooperation with Comlux Completions

The 4seasons concepts have been created in the course of a collaboration with Comlux Completion, a well-known completion centre for VIP aircraft. The objective of the partnership was to represent the wide range of cabin concept possibilities for the new Boeing BBJ MAX and Airbus ACJneo VIP interiors.

Inspired by the four seasons, each design is infused by a distinct mood and is influenced by the style of different continents. The first is Spring, when the first dashes of colour touch the earth in spring, they inspire a feeling of new energy and anticipation. This is what this interior concept conveys in a very unconventional way. Summer is suffused with light and energy in the interior atmosphere, full of softness and warmth, the design transforms travelling into an enlightening experience on board.

The design for Autumn, highlights when summer is over and the landscape transforms into a painting of rich colours, you can feel the contrasts of warm and cold and light and dark. The marriage of autumnal colours and Asian architecture excels in an unique combination of contrast and tones. The Winter interior is pure and straight is well-balanced with earth tones bringing a wintery but warm and comfortable atmosphere into the aircraft. The combination of large bright areas and dark furniture is an exciting interplay of colours, shapes and materials.

Comlux Completion is continuously innovating in the large to very large business jet aircraft segment engineering luxury into our cabin completions, upgrades and refurbishments. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Comlux Completion has established itself as one of the most unique and modern completion & service centers in the world exclusively for Airbus Corporate Jets, Boeing Business Jets and Bombardier Business aircraft. Each of the designs are sophisticated and balanced, a harmony of colours and light ambience intertwined with a luxury interior style.