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The International Yacht &
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The Voting Process

Our design awards are different as they are not judged by a panel. Shortlisted projects are presented online, and voting is open to industry professionals as well as design et al readers and clients. Instead of a panel of 10 or 12 industry professionals we have thousands of industry professionals involved. It is an incredible way to promote your work, reach a targeted global audience and ultimately sell your work. We don’t believe that a small judging panel is fair and objective. This is why our awards works differently, last year we had over 12,000 cast their votes in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards over a 4 week period.


  • A unique part of our voting system, is that votes have to be cast in every single category, not just your own projects, this gives all shortlisted projects maximum publicity from international industry professionals. The voting page links are sent out to our digital database of industry professionals who cast their votes on shortlisted projects. Shortlisted companies are also welcome to share the voting link with their own clients to promote their entries.


  • Last year, we had 21 different categories and casting a vote took an average of 30 minutes. The voting process is not a quick procedure, you cannot simply vote for your own category, so having 20K followers on social media is not going to help you win. Unless a voter is dedicated or involved in this industry, they are not going to spend over 30 minutes of their time looking through shortlisted projects and casting their vote.


  • With 12,000 votes cast and an average of 30 minutes to complete a vote, it is clear why many people submit applications with us year on year, you are not likely to get this much exposure within this industry from many other places.


  • All votes that are submitted are not necessarily accepted, our website team have to verify all votes cast before they are included. In the past we have had people pay for marketing agencies to up their votes by submitting thousands of votes on their projects. We can obviously see this, all these votes would not be verified and thus would be automatically removed.


  • 89 % of our readers and clients favoured the voting system above all other means of determining winners as it offers a further PR opportunity for companies to be judged by their peers within their respective industries. This figure is all the more impressive when we consider that on average voting takes 30 minutes per individual. This, I am sure you would agree, equates to some very interested industry professionals, looking at your work. That kind of exposure within this niche market would be unobtainable without this particular process of voting.


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