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Taurini Pianeta Gemme SRL

ShellLight Private Yacht by Taurini Pianeta Gemme SRL

Taurini Pianeta Gemme SRL have been shortlisted for the Wallcovering Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Taurini Pianeta Gemme’s wallcoverings are realised with their exclusive materials, ShellLight has been designed in a Blue White leaf pattern echoing the natural environment. This project involved incorporating an exclusive mosaic made from natural materials, Taurini achieved this through the fusion of Natural Paua Shell Abalone and Pinctada Maxima Mother of Pearl. These kinds of natural materials (shells in this case) are perfect to be used on marine projects, extracted from the sea, and inspired by the sea.


ShellLight is a perfect thin and light material and is 100% customizable in any pattern and design. This kind of wallcovering is the perfect design combination where you have to create a suggestive corner like in this yacht project. ShellLight is also an extremely flexible material, so it’s adaptable and perfect for applying into difficult spaces. With this project, Taurini applied their ShellLight Blue Leaf Pattern mosaic on n.2 customized very thin Aluminum panels, which has a total thickness of 0.70mm, and is completed with a shimmering finishing.


ShellLight has an impressive look, uses super thin and light materials and integrates perfectly into the marine environment using natural materials.


Taurini Pianeta Gemme SRL

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