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Zeitaku by Port South Textiles

Port South Textiles have been shortlisted for the Fabrics / Leathers Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Zeitaku is the first and only true travel based synthetic to enter into the aviation market. This is not a synthetic that got its start in home furnishing applications, this material was specifically developed as a travel-based material.

Port South Textiles

Over the past 2 years, Port South Textiles have been working with the manufacturer to reformulate the composition to allow it to adhere and meet the aviation regulations since the automotive regulations are far from few when it comes to flammability requirements. The result of this collaboration yielded the expected automotive standard durability and performance with the added inherent FR properties, which they have been able to incorporate down to the pre woven yarn of the advanced backing material. This means that there is no need to flame treat the material postproduction as some of the current synthetic suppliers are doing. The material has undergone one of the most extensive testing campaigns of any current aviation synthetic on the market.

Port South Textiles

Not only is it tested to the automotive industry durability and performance standards but was also tested against every ASTM method that other fabric/leather suppliers are advertising. In recent times, Port South Textiles have certified Zeitaku for its antimicrobial properties under AATCC 100 which was no surprise to anyone given its composition. It not only prevents the growth of microbes, but it also inhibits them.

Zeitaku provides the most realistic characteristics of leather when it comes to its soft, supple hand. Utilizing the best resin available, it is ultra-durable with high resistance to humidity, heat and light, making it the best choice for high traffic commercial and general aviation upholstery. With its patented blends of skilfully engineered materials, such as its inherent FR properties, this product has gone the distance in the automotive sector and validated its durability and performance.

Port South Textiles

Zeitaku is available in the LA110 series which is Port South Textiles’ standard surface line and is perfect for seats, divans, benches – anything you wish to upholster with all the soft, supple characteristics of leather. Zeitaku is also available in the VS110 series which is their vertical application line and brings with it all the soft, supple characteristics of leather to sidewalls, headliners, bulkheads and more. With its ability to be molded to C&C-sculpted surfaces, the design possibilities are endless.

Port South Textiles

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