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Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.

Ascend by Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.

Greenpoint Technologies, Inc. have been shortlisted for the Private Jet Design – Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Greenpoint curated Ascend’s interior for the distinguished executive client chasing a balanced lifestyle. The inspiration for the design concept began with the client’s desire to update their priorities, focusing on the luxury of time and presence. Designed to be the client’s digital concierge, Ascend provides a new dimension of performance that swiftly transitions to serenity. Ascend efficiently balances health and well-being with innovative technology and seamless global connectivity, resulting in a refined, progressive, and harmonious interior.

Greenpoint Technologies

Guests enter the aircraft at Door 2 through a Rotunda adorned with light, inspired by award-winning artist James Turrell. The artistic glass aperture reveals the physical presence of light by subtly and slowly rotating through dynamic lighting schemes. The Entry conveys an experience of wordless thought representing infinite future possibilities, propelling Guests to immediately release what they may have brought with them and imagine more.

Ascend combines a variety of hidden technologies, enabling the interior to understand and respond to passengers’ behaviour and requests. As the Passengers moves aft, they enter an expansive mid cabin with dynamic lighting displays, contemporary architecture, and geometric details. The design is sophisticated, luxurious, and refined with clean, regal lines, and a warm neutral colour palette. Handcrafted bi-fold glass doors connect two main lounges, maintaining an open, tranquil cabin environment.

Greenpoint Technologies

The forward lounge is designed to limit distractions and facilitate ease of conversation, entertainment, and work productivity. Advanced technology is concealed within a natural user interface, programmed to proactively respond to passenger requests through gesture and voice controls. Celestial-inspired valance panels with embedded light technology convey the desired atmosphere, illuminating as guests move throughout the cabin. Transparent OLED displays expand across the windows, showcasing serene nature scenes to enhance the passengers’ mood and wellbeing. Additional design features include clean, herringbone reconstituted wood floors and a sputnik chandelier drawing the guest to a burst of celestial inspiration.

Greenpoint Technologies

The aft lounge supports a flexible layout ideal for business, dining, or relaxation. Hi-low tables effortlessly convert from coffee tables to full dining tables with slide-out leaves. Additional features bring the Guest to traditional norms, with simple built-in bookshelves and modular furniture inspired by menswear textures.

Greenpoint’s Ascend interior achieves an elegant, interactive cabin environment. Equipped with a variety of intuitive, progressive technologies, Ascend proactively reacts to passenger needs, limits distractions, and facilitates ease of travel. Each space offers the highest level of efficiency and adaptability, with adjustable lighting and advanced technology concealed throughout the cabin. Whether traveling for business or leisure, the Ascend interior offers a refined user centered oasis for all passengers onboard.

Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.

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