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Crystal Caviar

Crystal Caviar

Sea Breeze Chandelier by Crystal Caviar

Crystal Caviar have been shortlisted for the Lighting Piece Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

The Sea Breeze Chandelier was designed, manufactured, and installed by Crystal Caviar on a 104 ft motor yacht in its dining quarter. The main brief was to provide a chandelier which is available for use above the dining table and that also worked well as a key feature of a deck.

Crystal Caviar

The main characteristic aspect of the chandelier is the decorative pattern on the glass parts, which resembles raw diamond texture. The chandelier has a minimalistic design which perfectly fits the whole deck, and it is made especially for the marine environment. Every component of the chandelier has a safety vibration proof fixing, and all glass parts were produced and installed to avoid rattle.

Crystal Caviar

The most specialist skills were required during the making of the decorative pattern which was achieved by acid etching. The technique of etching comprises working with acids, which must be performed by trained personnel. The procedure is relatively time consuming and must be controlled to achieve desired results for decoration.

Crystal Caviar

Crystal Caviar specialize in production of unique chandeliers for yachts. They also supply rare sculptures and decorative mirrors including safety installation on board. Crystal Caviar are proud to see their art and chandeliers on more than 90 yachts without any flaws to safety and quality.

Crystal Caviar

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