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jozeph forakis… design

jozeph forakis... design

CLX96 by jozeph forakis… design

jozeph forakis… design have been shortlisted for the Concept Under 40 Metres in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

CL Yachts is a new brand conceived from an ambitious Vision: to reimagine yachting experiences for a new generation of modern explorers. Innovation is the brand’s “north star” driving everything – Design, Technology, Engineering, combined with time-honoured Craftsmanship – to redefine the meaning of luxury performance and the rewards of the human endeavour.

jozeph forakis... design

Seeking a ‘clean slate’ approach for their flagship, the company boldly engaged designer Jozeph Forakis for his first ever yacht commission, giving him ‘carte blanche’ for overall concept, and exterior & interior design.

CLX96 is the world’s first performance luxury “SAV” (Sea Activity Vessel) born from a precise concept: to elevate the comfort, convenience, and handling of a flybridge motor yacht, combined with expansive indoor and outdoor spaces, and the enhanced capabilities of an expedition yacht.

jozeph forakis... design

The CLX96’s iconic profile and numerous innovative features result from original thinking and smart design, integrating beauty and functionality. The unique double-reverse-angled House allows more exterior and interior space than any vessel in her class, including the first-ever sun deck forward of the Pilot House. With electrical up-down windows, the Pilot House converts from fully open to weatherproof.

CL Yachts’ expertise with strong, lightweight composite structures allowed for expansive windows and unusually narrow columns giving virtually uninterrupted 360* views. The Salon’s open, loft-like plan creates generous sitting, dining, entertaining, and cooking areas.

jozeph forakis... design

CLX96 feels inherently connected to nature, with seamless transitions between indoors and outdoors, an abundance of discreet lounging zones, and a plurality of original multifunctional features.

jozeph forakis… design

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