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Alter Ego Project Group

Shadow Blade by Alter Ego Project Group

Alter Ego Project Group have been shortlisted for Yacht Concept Interior Design Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022.

A yacht born for the future: it flies over the waves as if among the stars. Resembling a spaceship, the striking fluid forms of the boat’s exterior inspired the creation of innovative interior design, providing harmony between the two. Shadow Blade offers freedom, mobility, comfort and functionality and above all, protection of nature for future generations and minimisation of impact on the environment.

Alter Ego

The DNA of the SHADOW BLADE Yacht Concept by ALTER EGO Project Group is in the rational use of resources: like in spaceships and orbital stations, every millimetre of space within the boat is balanced and used to the utmost, while all the systems run smoothly with minimal expenditure of energy. However, this does not sacrifice comfort and luxury, which are brought about by the unique design features. Space transformation is the key decision that allows Alter Ego Project Group to both meet the high expectations and demands of customers and create a compact yacht with minimal expenditure.

Alter Ego

The search for a balance between the boat’s exterior and interior created a perfect work of art. The supple dynamic lines make up the innovative shape of the hull. The yacht’s interior matches them – its design is minimalistic, futuristic, and exquisitely functional. The contemporary style with its minimalistic aesthetics rejects the archaism of classicism and the impractical expenditure of materials and energy. The current storm of information, news and events overwhelming every person makes the visual “austerity” indispensable. Such a deliberate choice of design provides a person with tranquillity. The project symbolises changes, appealing to new generations of ambitious people who want a breakthrough design and appreciate modern aesthetics.

Alter Ego

Transformable space was the principal motif in the design of the social zone. The comfortable lounge can instantly turn into a site for partying or relaxing. The sliding partition walls, collapsible unit with a pop-out plasma TV, and moveable modules of upholstered furniture transform the scene, shift the accents within it and change its functionality. The lights are integrated into the walls, floor, and furniture, transforming the mood and atmosphere in accordance with the scenario. The interior decoration features carbon fibre, aluminium, wood, and glass. The use of carbon fibre in this unusual manner is the know-how of the project. The unique way of laying the deck planks ensures the highest standards of sound and vibration insulation.

Alter Ego Project Group

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