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Vair Design Studio
have been shortlisted for Lobby/Public Areas – Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

This project is composed of four areas as follows: first, to create a sense of wonder from the beginning of the journey, the reception area welcomes visitor with high ceiling hall covered on 3 sides with intricate pattern made of interwoven stainless steel and leather inspired by display of sunlight through tunnel of trees. At the end of the glistering tunnel is the tree framed with illuminated onyx stone representing the main concept of the project. The curved build-in seat is made of black forest marble inspired by beautiful stone slab one might use as a seat while exploring the nature. In contrast with the overwhelming visual effects of the reception lounge, the second area is the causal lounge which is decorated in more minimalistic style to create a space for relaxation and a feeling of being at home.

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The wall of the feature staircase is cladded in overlapping layers of black forest marble and stone textured wallpaper inspired by rock formation of a waterfall. Walking further inside, the third area is an open meeting area that surprise visitors with trees and sunlight. The 3-sided glass wall with a clear acrylic shelf and 2 giant walls of greenery make if feel like being in a terrarium surrounded by nature.

The fourth area is a 2-storey multifunction lounge designed to be a free style activity room for the residence with a large working table, a concealed LDE screen, and a spacious lounge area. In the middle of the lounge, the design team creates a double volume hole that penetrate through the ceiling to connect the space with another room upstairs.

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The journey continues at the fifth area, the sky lounge, which comprises of 2 areas equipped with multimedia equipment for entertainment purposes. At the star gazing room, a large build-in black forest marble seat is situate below star-studded ceiling. The green wall and reed glass wall represent the water that fall through rock and plants into the river surrounding the feature stone seat.

To fulfil the client’s requirement for Interior design that communicates the main concept of the project “The Cosmopolitan Explorer“. The design team is not only design space according to its functionality but also tell a story to inspire the target customer. The middle-class urban residences who aspire for a life of adventure into the natural world.  

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The design integrates into the wider environment by merges beauty of the natural world into urbanized space. Artisanal skills are required in making the leather and stainless-steel partition at the reception lounge. The various curved

marble seat used in almost every area are also required artisanal expertise.

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